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Commercial electricians

Our Team

The ECSI leadership team supports a culture of innovation and dependability that helps our staff deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients’ low voltage needs.


Jerry Hein, President

Jerry Hein

Rich Hanson, VP

Rich Hanson

Vice President of Design, Estimating, and Engineering
Matt Myers, Operations Manager

Matt Myers

Operations Manager
Bob Whaley, Service Manager

Bob Whaley

Service Manager
Ron Sommerville, CFO

Ron Sommerville


Our Team

Joe Spencer, Estimating / Engineering

Joe Spencer

Estimating / Engineering
Kelly Tomsche, Service Coordinator

Kelly Tomsche

Service Coordinator
Matt Heise, Business Development

Matt Heise

Business Development
Chad Fellman, Business Development

Chad Fellman

Business Development
Jason Swenson, A/V Programmer

Jason Swenson

A/V Programmer
Wendy Roepke, Controller

Wendy Roepke

Steve Idso, Project Manager

Steve Idso

Project Manager
Louie Demars, System Integration Specialist

Louie Demars

System Integration Specialist
Brooks Miller, Business Development

Brooks Miller

Business Development
Bill Shetka, A/V Design and Engineering

Bill Shetka

A/V Design and Engineering
Dylan Skaro, AP / AR

Dylan Skaro

Rob Madsen, Design / Estimating

Rob Madsen

Design / Estimating
Kevin Huntley, Project Manager

Kevin Huntley

Project Manager
Dave Kress, Business Development

Dave Kress

Business Development
Jenny Olson, Billings Specialist

Jenny Olson

Billings Specialist

Anthony Dereo

Nathan Mullenbach, Project Manager

Nathan Mullenbach

Project Manager
Rick Krouse, Business Development

Rick Krouse

Business Development
Larry Prieur, Manpower Field Coordinator

Larry Prieur

Manpower Field Coordinator
Brent Ohlemann, Business Development

Brent Ohlemann

Business Development
Kevin Craft, Business Development

Kevin Craft

Business Development
Brian Novotny, Warehouse Manager/Purchasing

Brian Novotny

Warehouse Manager/Purchasing
Eric Wing, Business Development

Eric Wing

Business Development
Matt Bloom, Warehouse

Matt Bloom


Join Our Team

We’re on the hunt for people driven by the desire to shape the landscape of low voltage innovation. Fit the bill? Join the ECSI family.