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Hospital communication and other healthcare systems

Healthcare Facility AV Systems

From remote consultation and diagnosis of patients to interactive staff training, facilities are better with great AV systems. Facilities are better with ECSI.

Bring Technology and Teams Together

Improving patient stays. Boosting communication among team members. Operating more efficiently. These are just a few of the reasons why healthcare facilities around the country are modernizing their AV systems thus improving their outcomes.

With the right facility AV systems, staff members can practice CPR skills, doctors can deliver telemedicine remotely, and patients can use digital displays to learn more about their care team. Health care AV systems truly bring everything at the facility together in ways not possible before.

Why Choose ECSI for Nurse Call System Design and Installation?

Conference Calling and Training

High-quality audio and video empower facilities staff to hold productive training sessions and meetings of all kinds.

Projectors and TVs

The latest screen technology lets you show patients anything from movies to diagnostic information, and gives you a way to engage staff in meetings.

Paging and Intercom Systems

Nurse calls, team communication, and security are all improved with a strong, reliable paging or intercom service.

Control Systems

Integrated control systems provide for easy management of AV equipment, as well as impressive features like motion detection activation.

Video Conferencing

From seeing each other in routine meetings to sharing the view from your operating theater, video conferencing aids in connectedness and learning.

Sound Systems

Enable music in specific areas of your facility, tie in your video system for enhanced experiences, and make sure your messages are heard where and when they need to be.

Digital Interactive Signage

Make sure patients, visitors, and staff can find and interact with important information in a visual way.

Ready Your Facility AV System for the Future

ECSI’s strength lies in preparing healthcare facilities both technologically and strategically for future evolution. We help clients consider their needs regarding networked healthcare AV systems that are easily updated and synched. We’re also encouraging clients to consider the fast-approaching future of facilities AV, which likely will include:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Telehealth

  • Personalization

  • Touch screens that enable patients to control heat, audio, and lighting in their rooms

At ECSI, our goal is to position clients so they can take advantage of these emerging technologies within the AV world.

Providing us with the most reliable solutions

  • Accutech
  • Cornell
  • Jeron

Expert Healthcare AV Design and Installation

Whether you’re looking to install an AV system for the first time or wanting to replace an aging legacy AV system, ECSI’s audio-visual design team can help you select the right equipment and perform expert installation to help you get the most out of your investment.