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Northfield, MN

The Gardens of Castle Rock

The Gardens of Castle Rock is a wedding venue and event center that provides guests a beautiful setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies, receptions and special events.

The Gardens is a large facility, and when there is an event in progress our client needs to be able to secure the office area and other detached buildings on the property.

ECSI designed a two part system using Honeywell Vista 21lp that “arms” parts of the property while leaving the most beautiful areas of the facility open and accessible to guests. The dual-partition programming also comes in handy when the cleaning crew comes in; they are given access only to partition one.

Our client has an easy-to-use Tuxedo touch keypad with a built-in Zwave module that allows him to use and add automated devices like lights, locks and thermostats. A second Alpha keypad is used for the second partition.

The new panel accommodates existing hardwired zones and incorporates new and existing wireless devices. It is also designed to be expandable--meaning as our client’s business grows, so can his security system.

The mobile Total Connect app gives our client complete remote control of his system (including disarmament alerts) and 24/7 professional monitoring keeps our client’s grounds secure without compromising the welcoming atmosphere of his beautiful space.

Project Overview

  • ECSI designed and programmed a dual-partition security system that allows the owners of a large facility to “arm” and “disarm” select areas of their property simultaneously.
  • The Total Connect App gives our client complete remote control of all security features.
  • A Tuxedo touch keypad allows our client to easily use and add automated devices like lights, locks and thermostats.
  • 24/7 monitoring keeps the facility secure long after guests have headed home

Products Used

  • Equipment
  • Honeywell Vista 21IP
  • GSM Cellular Module
  • Wireless Receiver – For Wireless Devices
  • Tuxedo Touch
  • Alpha Keypad
  • Zwstat Thermostat
  • Yale Touchscreen Zwave Deadbolt
  • Hardwired Door Contacts
  • 5800OD Outdoor rated Wireless Door Contacts
  • Motion Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Glass Break Detectors

Connect to Convenience

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