Healthcare Technology Solutions

Healthcare facilities need to control access to sensitive areas, protect infants in nurseries, transmit records instantly around the world, and seamlessly communicate with flexibility and speed.

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Our systems designers understand the specialty needs of healthcare facilities and work with you to assure space planning needs are correct, attention is given to sensitive equipment requiring temperature control variables, and that the systems integrate throughout the facility.

Whether it’s a brand new hospital, remodel of a long term care facility, or the addition of an assisted living wing, we have designers and technicians who specialize in healthcare systems.


Nurse Call

Your facility must respond quickly to requests for care in order to continue providing the quality of care your facility strives to. We have a variety of systems to help increase your nurse response times while also making nurse’s jobs easier. We’ll work together to ensure our system directs the most pertinent information to nurses who are in the best position to help.

Wandering Solutions

Balancing the desires for independence and security in senior care can be challenging. Our wander management systems give Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other “at-risk” residents the ability to move freely about their facilities while receiving the protection they—and their families—need. We install and service countless systems with the goal of ensuring the safety of people in your facility at risk of elopement.

Infant Protection

Infant protection systems aid the general safety and security of infants entrusted to your facility. Our system combines patented tags and bracelets with advanced RFID technology to help prevent abductions while also helping to ensure the general safety of infants. Easy-to-use hardware and software work seamlessly, enabling nurses to spend less time managing a “system” and more time caring for their little patients.

Area of Refuge

Certain areas can confine people in the event of an emergency, such as stairwells or parking ramps.  An area of refuge system allows people in these confined areas to communicate directly with safety professionals in emergency situations. We can design your system for basic notifications to emergency personnel or for two-way communication with first responders.


  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Medical Clinics
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Hospitals

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