Fire Alarm Systems & Life Safety

Fire Alarm Systems and smoke detectors are important to early fire detection. As a fire alarm and life safety integrator, we can provide you with the most advanced systems available.

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We can design a system that meets your specific requirements, safety priorities, while fitting within your budget. In addition to all of our service technicians being factory trained and certified, we have several NICET certified experts on staff including an Engineer who is NICET Level IV certified in the Fire Protection Engineering Technology / Fire Alarm Systems category. 


  • Regions Hospital
  • Lakewood Mausoleum & Cemetery
  • Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota
  • Mall of America Hotel 

We also offer an annual inspection program along with service and maintenance plans. Keeping your system fully operational while minimizing false alarms is vital. We offer a number of test and inspection services, preventative maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services.


Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

As a fire alarm and life safety integrator, ECSI can provide you with the most advanced detection systems in the industry.  Our NICET certified engineers, factory trained technicians, and certified installers have the experience to guarantee your system will be installed and maintained in accordance with State, Local and National codes.  ECSI also offers site specific surveys that will evaluate your fire alarm life safety system needs.

Fire Alarm Inspection and Maintenance

Keeping your system fully operational while minimizing false alarms is vital.  ECSI offers an annual inspection program along with service and maintenance plans including:  Preventative Maintenance, Sensitivity Testing, and most importantly, 24/7 Emergency Services.  Learn more about our UL listed inspections.

Sprinkler System Monitoring

As a UL listed installation company, ECSI offers UL Central Station monitoring for not only your fire alarm, life safety and sprinkler systems, but also your building security monitoring needs as well.

Early Warning – Air Sampling Systems

Air sampling systems are widely used in data centers, electrical vaults, and areas that demand early warning.  Air sampling systems are an active fire detection device that continually sample the air and can detect the smallest airborne particles of combustion well in advance of an escalating fire.

Area of Refuge Systems

Certain areas can confine people in the event of an emergency, such as stairwells.  An area of refuge system allows people in these confined areas to communicate directly with safety professionals in emergency situations.

Emergency and Exit Lighting

Properly placed emergency exit lighting and signage can make the difference to building occupants in critical situations.  We work with you to cost-effectively provide the best emergency lighting solutions for your building.

Fire Extinguishers

We partner with UL listed extinguisher distributors to make sure we provide you with the options to fit your project’s desired budget and features.

ECSI is a UL listed installation company.

We count on the following manufacturers to provide us with the most comprehensive and reliable fire alarm solutions in the market place today:

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