IT Service & Maintenance

Not only can we design, install, and service our own systems – we can service IT systems not installed by ECSI.

Call For Immediate Service

We have a 24 hour service and maintenance team of over 10 technicians in the Twin Cities area with typical response times of 1 hour or less. Call us at our main number (651) 735-7470, anytime, day or night and we’ll get a factory trained, certified technician out to repair your system and get your business back up and running.

In addition to our specialized fire alarm inspection program, we also offer preventative maintenance programs for almost every system we install. We will customize a program based on your needs and how long you want to extend the life of your system.


24/7 Emergency On-Call Service

Your system provides around-the-clock security so we believe your support team should be there ready to help 24/7 too. Our commitment to service starts with our technicians. ECSI is proud to have one of the largest and most skilled service departments in Minnesota which has helped us in solving our clients complex issues quickly.

Specialized Fire Alarm Inspection Programs

Scheduled testing and inspections keeps your systems proactively maintained. Our inspection team can support you with code-required inspections of all fire and life-safety systems. Our technicians ensure your systems, components, and control panels are fully operational with detailed reports identifying the issues and potential solutions before problems occur.

Customized Preventative Maintenance Programs

A reactive maintenance organization will act upon break downs; our specialized maintenance program will find the failures before they develop into break downs. We use the warning time we gain by finding failures early to plan and schedule a corrective action. By doing so, you have started to optimize the life of a component or system.

ECSI is a UL Listed service and monitoring company.

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